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Green Worx CS – Green Cleaning Products Producer in South Africa

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Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is South Africa’s leading developer and manufacturer of green cleaning products that are kind to people and the environment. The range is based on proven, world class eco-friendly solutions that are capable of eliminating all forms of dirt and grime without using harmful chemicals or damaging our fragile eco-system.

Green Worx is a proudly South African company that formulates products to tackle everyday cleaning challenges that are experienced in homes, businesses and the environment as a whole. Many of these formulations and designs are a first in South Africa. Green Worx also works closely with some the world’s leading innovators of green cleaning technology. This means that they are able to deliver highly effective bio-enzyme technology products that are environmentally responsible, get the job done and are very cost effective compared to traditional chemicals.

Benefits of Green Cleaning Solutions

Our solutions work with specially selected bacteria and natural enzymes to break down dirt and grease into organic nutrients which are then released safely back into the environment. The key benefits are that harmful chemical compounds are not released into the atmosphere or into our water systems and also that your workers are not exposed to toxic fumes and chemicals. This increases safety and productivity while reducing staff absenteeism. Also, the more regularly the Green Worx products are used, the more effective they become.

Where Can Our Products Be Used?

Our range of products include green cleaning solutions suitable for floors, carpets, surfaces, special purposes, laundry and dishwashing cleaners and detergents, septic tanks, grease traps as well as hygiene and odour control products for restrooms.

The products are ideal for homes, businesses, restaurants, hospitals, clinics, food manufacturers, cleaning contractors, sanitation and hygiene companies, facilities management companies, engineering plants, wastewater treatment operations, shopping malls and restrooms.

Green Worx Product Ranges

We have a comprehensive range of eco-friendly cleaning products which have been formulated to be highly effective in treating specific cleaning requirements, these include:

Our production facility is based in Gauteng and we can dispatch and deliver in small or bulk orders anywhere in South Africa.

Green Worx Will Help You

Green Worx has access to global resources and we are committed to help you overcome every cleaning challenge that you may be facing. We are capable of designing specific formulations to tackle your problem…..Give us a call today.

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