About Us

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is an independent organization that has associated itself with experienced developers, formulators and manufacturers of innovative, environmentally responsible, bio-enzyme technology products based on the use of natural microbes and enzymes.

We are committed to provide solutions for a broad variety of industrial, commercial and consumer cleaning problems, in aquaculture, general cleaning and sanitation, food processing and nutrition, waste water treatment, pollution control and environmental remediation.

Our successes are attributed to our policy in associating ourselves with world leaders who provide innovative, effective and high-quality products and solutions to meet specific customer needs.

At GREEN WORX CS we believe in putting the customer and their requirements first; timely delivery, superior products, technical services and competitive prices, further strengthen this fact. We are dedicated to making a significant contribution to products and services that exceed expectations for value, consistencies, reliability and environmental safety.

Our Business Area:
At Green Worx CS we cater for a complex range of products intended for different industries Our sales network is spread across Africa servicing these industries.

Our specialist staff and formulators provide bio-technological solutions to and assist you in formulating “Green Cleaning” products designed to augment your existing range of chemical cleaning products allowing you to satisfy the growing demand of eco-friendly green products, paving the way for other to follow.

Our vast range of ready to use and concentrate products will improve performance and quality while at the same time improving your eco-footprint, saving water, reducing energy consumption, optimizing raw materials and reducing waste.

We repack and distribute broken bulk enzyme products that are primarily indicated in liquid and powdered laundry detergents.

Our micro-organisms products are used in various applications ranging from Effluent treatment, Cleaning, Hygiene, Odour control, Waste degradation, Bio augmentation & Bioremediation and Aquaculture.

Production Resources

GREEN WORX CS has aligned itself with world leaders that have the most sophisticated full-scale production plants, which include Solid State Fermentation and Submerged fermentation facilities, along with hi-tech downstream processing and formulation facilities.

Our People

Our employees and associates comprise executives with a synergistic blend of experience and expertise in the field of enzymes and bio-technology, sales, marketing and finance. Our affiliation with world leaders in the fields of enzymes and bio-technology offers us access to research scientists, engineers and technicians that utilise the most advanced instrumentation and analytical techniques to continuously achieve numerous technological advancements in solving industry’s toughest problems.