Enzymes For Laundry Detergents South Africa

For several decades, different enzymes have been utilised to remove common stains from clothing and laundry. In the race to produce the most effective laundry detergent that not only cleans clothes many mainstream manufacturers have included enzymes in their laundry detergent products in South Africa.

Local Laundry Manufacturer?

If you are a local laundry detergent manufacturer and you are interested in improving the efficacy of your laundry products you have come to the right place – Green Worx Cleaning Solutions in Johannesburg, South Africa uses enzymes from the world’s leading and most cutting edge developer of enzymatic raw materials.

We will demonstrate how to replace the chemical ingredients you have been conventionally using for your products with biodegradable enzymes that are highly effective and kind to the environment. The range of enzymes we offer you is specially developed for laundry detergents and it guarantees best results for:

Stain-free clothes

Different enzymes are used for the most effective removal of different kind of stains:

  • Proteases are ideal in removing stubborn protein stains such as grass, blood, egg and human sweat.
  • Lipases are capable of removing fatty stains such as oil and butter and the tough stains on collars and cuffs.
  • Amylases are used to remove residues of starch-based foods like potatoes.
  • Mannanases is an effective medium against dirt from food (e.g. ice cream and tomato sauce) or non-food (e.g. make-up) products containing guar gums.
  • Pectin-degrading enzymes remove stains from fruit and pectin-based foods such as jams and jellies.

Enzyme Laundry Detergent - Green Worx Cleaning SolutionsWhiter Clothes

In cases where bleaching agents prove inadequate, enzymatic solutions can make the difference. Enzymes actually remove dirt that bleaches simply cover therefore enzymes prove to be more effective in making fabrics whiter and cleaner.

Bright Colours – Smooth fabric surfaces

Colour and fabric care is secured with our enzymatic solutions. Enzymes provide for bright colours maintenance and reduction of fabric deterioration therefore they secure new-looking and soft garments for a long time.

Concern for the environment

Enzymes act as substitutes for many conventional ingredients, allowing thus the production of sustainable laundry detergents that provide efficient cleaning at lower wash temperatures. The enzymes are proteins and are therefore biodegradeable and are eco-friendly.

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