Enzymes in The Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Cleaning in Place (CIP)

Industrial food and beverage processing in South Africa involves specific cleaning challenges, where enzymes prove their worth by speeding up and improving cleaning performance, while maximizing equipment utilization.

Green Worx CS offers a full range of enzymes for the food and beverage industry including proteases, amylases, lipases, cellulases, and other enzymes that act on food residues. These are all excellent alternatives to using harsh chemicals for cleaning in food and beverage processing plants. Our CIP solution for the dairy industry, meets the high cleaning standards required by the industry. This natural, eco-friendly solution has a proven track record of effectively cleaning membranes and heat exchangers – and outperforming conventional cleaners.

Benefits of Using Enzymes:

• Improved cleaning by targeting specific soils causing cleaning challenges in food and beverage processing units

• Extended lifetime of membranes via cleaning under mild conditions

• Saving costs by increasing system efficiency, reducing the downtime for cleaning in place and ensuring higher productivity

• Sustainable, natural cleaning products


Green Worx CS delivers innovation in dishwashing detergents by replacing phosphates with environmentally friendly, cost-effective enzymes.

Producers of dishwashing detergents are facing new consumer demands for effective and sustainable cleaning of all tableware. While consumers rate cleanness as the most important criterion for choosing a detergent, they also want biodegradable products and options for low-temperature dishwashing.

Enzyme-powered Dishwashing Detergents

Green Worx CS supplies key ingredients for meeting these demands. Our highly effective, environmentally friendly enzymatic solutions effectively remove difficult and dried-on soils from dishes and leave glassware sparkling – without negatively impacting the environment. They even work for low-temperature dishwashing environments.


• A higher degree of soil removal, leading to cleaner dishes

• No degradation of glassware, as enzymes clean well in mild conditions

• Readily biodegradable enzymes, enabling good cleaning performance in phosphate-free detergents

Green Worx CS is ready to help you ensure that your food processing unit is hygienically clean and is working to its optimum capacity and throughput by using our world class, eco-friendly Cleaning in Place enzyme solutions.

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