Green Star SA Certification

Green Worx Green Star SA Certificates

The Green Building Council of SA has awarded the Green Star Existing Building Performance certification to Green Worx. This has been added to each of the Global Green Tag certificates for the respective products.

The Green Star SA rating system has been set up to provide commercial properties with an objective measurement for green buildings and to recognise and reward environmental leadership in the property industry.

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Please find a list of Green Tag certifications with the Green Star SA ratings below.

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Products Green Tag Certificate
Bio Tech GT x 10 FF
Bio Tech GT x 1 RTU
Bio Tech GT x 20 FF
Bio Tech 10 x  FF Turf
Bio Tech WC & Urinal Sanitizer
Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent (Powder) 170228_GRE_Odorite-Ultra-Plus-Laundry-Powder_Bronze_011_v4
Odorite Ultra Plus Laundry Detergent (Liquid) 170228_GRE_Odorite-Ultra-Plus-Laundry-Liquid_Bronze_010_v4
Odorite Ultra Grease Trap Concentrate 170228_GRE_Odorite-Ultra-Grease-Trap_Bronze_008_v4
Odorite Ultra Dishwashing 170228_GRE_Odorite-Ultra-Dishwashing_Bronze_009_v4
Odorite Ultra Deep Clean Enzymatic 30X 170228_GRE_Odorite-Ultra-Deep-Clean_Bronze_007_v4
Odorite Grime Away Concentrate 170228_GRE_Odorite-Grime-Away_Bronze_005_v4
Odorite Fem Fresh
Microzyme D60
Microzyme Green Fragranced
Odorite DC 40 10 x FF
Odorite DC 40 RTU
Odorite Drain Purge 10x Concentrate
Odorite Drain Purge RTU
Odorite SurfClean 10 x FF
Odorite Bio Deep Clean 170228_GRE_Odorite-Bio-Deep-Clean_Bronze_006_v4
Odorite Bio Cubes
Odorite Bio P-Disc & Holder
P-Island Urinal Anti Splash & Bio Disc
Odorite Rim Block


Green Building Council Green Star SA