Green Worx Runner Up – Greening the Future

Mail & Guardian – Greening the Future 2016

Mail & Guardian Africa's Best Read LogoOn an annual basis, the Mail & Guardian seeks to establish and highlight notable players who are actively making an environmental impact in South Africa. Communities, corporations and companies have the chance to be recognised in M&G’s Greening the Future 2016 awards.

“This year, with the ongoing drought placing water at the top of many people’s agendas, the judges will be focusing on this issue in South Africa. The awards already recognise Water Efficiency & Management, but this year the categories of Green Technology Innovations and Community Conservation will also be awarded (if possible) to projects dedicated to preserving our most precious natural resource.

Every year, Greening the Future receives hundreds of entries from projects across the country in the 10 categories below, which are judged by an independent, respected panel of judges. For the past 13 years we have featured progressive green projects that help combat climate change, encourage the adoption and use of renewable energy and foster the strategic management of natural resources.”

Green Worx Award

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions entered into the following category and was awarded Runner Up.

“Green Technology Innovations

This category rewards projects, organisations and companies at the cutting edge of technological innovations that utilise natural resources more efficiently. These innovations offer real savings for natural capital and possess the potential to be replicated.”

Green Worx – Keeping Things Clean and Green – M&G Editorial

Green Worx - Keeping Things Clean and Green - M&G Editorial