P-Island Urinal Mat

The P-Island has been a very successful product within our range of essential bathroom accessories.

Following research with end users regarding odour control and anti-splash devices used in urinals, some very interesting data came about. Respondents felt that –
P-Island Urinal Mat - Green Worx Cleaning Solutions

  • All fragranced urinal mats release a very powerful fragrance (some not as powerful) in the short term, but the fragrance diminishes rapidly leaving an unappealing combination of urine/fragrance
  • Not all anti-splash urinal devises were effective causing urine to slash onto the surrounding floor/tiles, and the accumulation on the floor/tiles caused malodour that couldn’t be neutralised by conventional cleaning chemicals
  • Masking the malodour with a poor performing fragrance defeated the objective by not treating the malodour and thus eradicating it
  • By applying a bio-enzymatic solution, the eradication of malodour is more effective
  • A mild fragrance combined with a bio-enzyme solution would be desirable
  • A cleaning solution that combines the eradication of organics that cause malodour and fulfils a cleaning function is desirable
  • For recycling purposes, discarded polymer devices are good for the environment
  • It was amazing that we could reduce our price by more than 45% per unit, and still offer the benefits of anti-splash and treatment/control of malodour

Armed with this information we reinvented the already successful P-Island – please see our revised offering to you:

Newly Designed P-Island Features and Benefits when in use:

  • P-Island reduces back-splash by as much as 90%
  • The new design has allowed us to eliminate the masking fragrance from the polymer due to a more potent Bio-Enzyme disc placed in the centre of the P-Island
  • P-Island still has a pleasant fragrance that is released from the Bio-Enzyme disc, keeping the urinal and the surrounding areas smelling fresh for up to 60 days or 3000 flushes (depending on the frequency of use)
  • The combination of a Bio-Enzyme tablet prevents malodour from stale urine for up to 60 days by degradation of organics found in the urinal, and drain lines
  • Unique ribbed and serrated-edge design prevents even the smallest debris falling into the urinal trap causing potential drain blockages
  • Innovative angled pebble design keeps urinal area clean and inhibits unwanted splash back
  • Safe installation – the soft material used allows for use in many urinal shapes and sizes
  • Safe disposal – product and all its packaging can be fully recycled
  • Activated fragrance burst from the Bio-Enzyme disc increases fragrance lift on contact with fluid
  • The pebbles/stones are target orientated allowing better aim for user
  • Combined use with Bio Tech GTX a Bio-enzyme cleaning formulation allows you to discontinue your conventional sanitiser and conventional cleaning agents
  • A new and innovative universal design that fits all styles of urinals due the conformity of the recyclable polymer used
  • The serrated edge and rib design allows urinal to flush quickly
  • Unique anti-slip polymer feature keeps the device in an optimum position in the urinal
  • P-Island is suitable for both conventional urinals and waterless urinals, including trough type urinals
  • The most cost effective product on the South African market

Distributor price per P-Island – R12.17 excl. VAT

Design Application in South Africa number. – A2012/01620, F2012/1619

Provisional South African Patent Application number – 2012/06896

EU Community Design No 001838541-0001

UK patent No. GB 2473273

Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) patent application pending in 148 countries