Press Room

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions regularly submits press articles to reputable industry authority sites for the purpose of green cleaning and eco-friendly environmental education. We also release information concerning new product releases.

GREEN WORX CS will be publishing our monthly press releases here.

Please check back from time to time to read or download the latest press releases.

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Previous Press Releases.

April 2017 – The urinal challenge

March 2017 – Holistic facilities management for sustainability

February 2017 – Local manufacturer receives Global Green Tag Certification

January 2017 – Three reasons why your business needs a green consultant

December 2016 – Why sustainable business still matters V2

November 2016 – Here’s to greener offices in 2017

October 2016 – Green business – Is it trainable is it viable?

September 2016 – A win for green; first bio enzyme company in South Africa to receive ISO 14001 Certification

September 2016 – Green Worx uses enzyme technology to limit ecological footprint

August 2016-Proudly South African manufacturer wins international award

July 2016 – Local manufacturer awarded by Mail & Guardian

June 2016 – Frost & Sullivan official release

May 2016 – Fostering sustainability at home, work and school

April 2016 – Clean offices healthy happy staff

February 2016 – Green cleaning myths_ probiotics, bacteria, enzymes & microbes

January 2016 – Business Essentials – Interesting green business ideas for ecopreneurs

December 2015 – Are DIY cleaning products good for the environment

November 2015 – Environmental Competition Launched to Combat Schools’ Sanitation Woes

October 2015 – The state of green cleaning in Africa

September 2015 – Cleaning up the automotive industry, sustainably

August 2015 – Green Cleaning vs Hygienic Cleaning

July 2015 – Chemical vs Biological Cleaners

June 2015 – GREENWASHING claiming Eco-Friendly status due to biodegradability

May 2015 – The benefits of green business

April 2015 – A sustainable hospitality industry

March 2015 – How to prevent poor sanitation from affecting SA’s youth

Feb ’15 article – Make the planet your valentine (2)

January ’15 article – Green cleaning for corporate sustainability (3)

December article – Making 2015 the year of sustainable greening (2)

November article – Green Worx GMP – approved (2)

SABS accreditation – Odorite – Approved 07.10.2014 (2)