What Enzymes can Do For You

Enzyme and Microbial Cleaning Innovation For Today And Tomorrow

Consumers and professionals are demanding higher performance and more sustainability from their cleaning products. Green Worx CS helps manufacturers exceed these expectations with innovative enzyme and microbial cleaning solutions.

Today’s household care manufacturers are being asked to supply products that provide better cleaning results with less effort, time and environmental impact and that are safer for people and pets. Through bio-innovation Green Worx CS and its partners provide customers with unique solutions for creating high-value bio-cleaning products that put considerably less strain on the environment.

Cutting emissions, saving water and electricity

By replacing oil-based ingredients and other non-renewable ingredients with biological enzymes and microbial agents, manufacturers can give consumers high-performance cleaning solutions that help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, conserve water and electricity costs.

Combining expertise with consumer insight

At Green Worx CS, we offer a complete range of bio-cleaning solutions for low-temperature laundry detergents, dishwashing detergents, general household care products and institutional cleaning products. Our solutions are developed by combining technical expertise with in-depth consumer insight.

Promoting sustainable cleaning choices

We provide our clients with attractive alternatives to traditional ingredients and enable them to help steer the market towards greener detergents with less dependence on harsh chemicals. We provide high-performance solutions for household care and industry.


Enzymatic detergents are in; chemical ingredients are out!

Green Worx CS’ readily biodegradable enzyme solutions for detergents are an alternative to traditional chemical ingredients. These allow washing powder manufacturers to produce laundry detergent that gives consumers cleaner, whiter, brighter and softer clothes.

We offer a variety of enzymatic innovations that are an alternative to traditional laundry detergents. Our enzymes deliver powerful stain removal, whiteness, and colour and fabric care benefits in an environmentally friendly manner, cleaning effectively at lower wash temperatures. These include Proteases, Lipases, Cellulases, Amylases, Mannanases and Pectinases which play their part in delivering truly clean washing.

Benefits of using enzymes in washing powder

• A higher degree of stain removal, whiteness, and colour and fabric care than traditional chemical ingredients

• Replaces traditional chemical ingredients like surfactants and builders with low-volume, bio-based and readily biodegradable enzymes for a more environmentally friendly detergent

• A consumer-friendly detergent that cleans well at cold wash temperatures

• A more compact detergent with no compromise on performance

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