What’s New at Green Worx Cleaning Solutions

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions is arguably the most technologically advanced Green Cleaning Solutions company in South Africa. We are looking to appoint distributors in South Africa and in the rest of Africa

Green Worx Cleaning Solutions (Pty) Ltd acquires its biological and enzymatic active ingredients from the world’s leading bio-enzyme companies and blends these into the greenest eco-friendly and most advanced cleaning products on the market. The capabilities of our selected microbes are a specially selected blend of specialized, enzyme-producing microbes and formulation ingredients that are combined to optimize the degradation of animal and vegetable grease, fats and oils including the optimal degradation of organic waste/dirt without compromising the environment.

Our participation in the act of innovating is to introduce something new or make changes in something already established.

At Green Worx Cleaning Solutions we are proud to associate ourselves with a number of Africa first innovative cleaning solutions. Our innovation plays a vital role in ensuring that green cleaning products remain truly green, highly effective and up to date with the world’s ever changing green trends.

As a proudly South African operation, Green Worx has recently developed seven highly innovative, green cleaning products; many of which are developed through technologies that are a first in South Africa. These products are all ground-breaking, environmentally responsible, bio-enzyme technology products, which make use of natural microbe and enzyme technology.

Odorite™ Biocide a green alternative to harmful chemicals used in food processing establishments and their equipment. This product is a green, organic biocide that kills 99.9% of infectious, harmful organisms that it comes into contact with. The product offers more than 24 hours’ residual decontamination. It is non-corrosive, contains no chlorine, formaldehyde, toxins or alcohol, is 98% biodegradable and is SABS accredited. Odorite™ Biocide has a citrus base which works with the active stabiliser to provide better results than conventional chemicals, without the harmful side-effects.

Odorite™ Deep Clean Ultra Concentrate offers advanced innovation in floor and hard surface cleaning technology, with extended microbial cleaning capabilities and is ideal for use in the food processing industry and as a very comprehensive general purpose cleaner. This product utilises the most modern in eco cleaning technology, with a patent-pending, advanced formulation technology that removes fatty, greasy soils, provides superior, immediate cleaning of surface soils and is comparable to industrial-strength floor cleaners. The bioenzymatic action penetrates deep into the pores of the surface to attack and remove embedded residual organics, soils, fats, oils and grease – this is something no chemical cleaner can achieve.

Odorite™ Ultra Dishwashing liquid is the most advanced product of its kind aiding in the removal of anything from desserts, chocolate, coffee, tea, dirt and fruit juice, to gravy, ketchup, lipstick, fats, oils, pastas, salsas and wine from dishes. Green Worx has developed Odorite™ Ultra Dishwashing the ultimate in dishwashing liquids. This can be used in the home, in FMCG retail and for commercial and or industrial use. This dishwashing liquid features revolutionary technology that penetrates the toughest greasy, burnt-on food soils on dishes, pots and pans – dramatically increasing the effectiveness of soaking while respecting skin sensitivity. Most soils will slide off within minutes of soaking, while super-resistant soils will slip off in no more a while longer. This product contains no phosphates and less surfactant than regular dishwashing liquids, while containing no fewer than three enzymes which digest protein, carbohydrates, fats and cellulose the grime, fats, oils and grease that builds up on your dishes and in your drain. Due to the use of these enzymes, the detergent remains highly active in both hard and soft water, as well as hot and cold water.

Odorite™ Ultra Liquid Detergent improves the cleaning efficiency of industrial and domestic laundry; Odorite™ Ultra Liquid Detergent was developed and incorporates four active enzymes that are an eco-friendly solution, designed by nature to digest protein, carbohydrates, fats and cellulose – making cleaning laundry easier without compromising the environment. Through this development, the environmental impact of detergents is reduced through the replacement of traditional chemicals, while allowing for superior cleaning performance at low temperatures and shorter cycle times saving you time, money and energy.

P-Island™ the ultimate urinal accessory nominated at the recent ISSA Interclean convention in Poland as one of five products being nominated the most innovative in the cleaning and hygiene market place. In the urinal sanitation realm, Green Worx has also developed two additional new products; Odorite™ Bio-Cube and the Odorite™ Rim Block. The P-Island Urinal Accessory was internationally launched earlier this year in Warsaw, nominated for the Golden Broom Award. The product provides a solution to the fundamental challenge to true sanitation in the urinal realm, which is that under pressure, fluid flow making contact with a hard surface at a certain velocity will cause a splash. The P-Island Urinal Accessory provides a cost effective 80 – 90% back-splash reduction due to its innovative angled pebble design. The product makes use of bio-enzymes which eliminate organics, is heat stable, active and durable and releases a pleasant fragrance.

The P-Island Bio Cube is also used in urinals, and has specifically been designed to reduce malodour problems while remaining environmentally friendly, unlike conventional chemical urinal blocks (deo-blocks). The Bio Cube utilises powerful biological cleaning agents to remove the causes of odours, rather than merely masking the odours and thereby preventing blocked traps and pipes. It contains non-pathogenic microorganisms, is non-toxic, harmless to the environment and is a non-irritant.

Finally, the Odorite™ Rim Block was developed to eliminate odours in, and as a cleaning agent for, toilets. The Rim Block is 100% natural, containing no harmful chemicals. It is biodegradable and eliminates any organics found in the toilet and drain lines – maintaining a cleaner and odour free system. It penetrates cracks, crevices and pores, removing the organics, providing long-term odour control and preventing the return of odour-causing compounds. In septic systems, the Rim Block maintains effective microbe and enzyme activity by eliminating odours caused by incomplete digestion of malodourous volatile fatty acids. Should pets or children get into the toilet bowl, the Odorite™ Rim Block is non-toxic, leaving the water in the toilet bowl safe if ingested.

We are honoured to have the staff on board who have the capabilities to create these product innovations, allowing us to do our part in ensuring a better future for our planet. Sustainable green cleaning is our passion, and we view safe cleaning products as essential. We draw inspiration from nature, making use of natural enzymes and microbes to perfect green cleaning technologies. It is our goal to continue developing new innovative products, improving our existing products, offering innovative green cleaning products and ensuring the longevity of our planet.

With this philosophy in mind we wish to attract likeminded business entrepreneurs to take these and other products in portfolio to market and derive a handsome income / profit

We will assist in setting you up with the best products for your market, provide in depth training that will encompass how our products work, their application and in the anatomy of our active ingredients.

All you need is entrepreneurial spirit, the drive to succeed and a desire to see the world being better off with green innovations.

Should you fit the profile please contact us by email – info@green-worxcs.co.za and please visit our website www.green-worxcs.co.za for more background information